2010-08-17 13:41:30:

Musictrade on Twitter

Musictrade is now on Twitter. If you want to follow the latest news about Musictrade artists and releases, please follow us there!

2010-08-17 13:14:50:

Finnish avantgarde from Kotinaky

Kotinaky ('Home Vision') is a young, talented experimental musician from Joensuu, Finland. His music defies genre classifications but to give some pointers, think about electronic, experimental, jazz, progressive and avantgarde. His debut album on Musictrade is titled "Tulkoon omanlaisensa" which translates to "Let it become its own kind", and the title fittingly symbolizes the strongly individual creative drive and expression of the artist. The songs have a deeply personal, dark but also humorous tone, and some are complemented with poetic vocals. The same artist has also released experimental electronic music under artist name Ristikiehtova. The album (mt026) can be downloaded from Archive, and the 24 bit FLAC audiophile edition is available as a torrent on Mininova.

2010-08-08 02:05:03:

Joanne Gabriel debuts on Musictrade with 'Almighty' (mt025)

Joanne Gabriel is a guitarist, vocalist and experimental music maker from Herbeuval, France. This is how Joanne describes her musical inspiration: "I have visions of remote soundscapes. Contemplation and dreams are my muses, nightmares and inner unrest feed my inspiration. I like when noise and ethereal meet and melt. I enjoy dirty mixes and weird effects. Mistakes are part of my work, unexpected outcome is my purpose. I love wandering in the world of sound, going astray for the sake of sheer emotion."

Almighty (mt025) is Joanne Gabriel's debut album on netlabel Musictrade. It is a bold guitar based experimental electronic work on the theme of rebuilding and revitalizing Planet Earth from an uninhabitable desert like post-apocalyptic state -- as executed from the position of an almighty outsider. The theme is based on a dream Joanne saw a long time ago, and the story of the dream is recaptured in the accompanying text included in the release.


Joanne's Almighty can be listened and downloaded on Archive, Fairtilizer and The 24bit FLAC audiophile edition is available as a torrent on Mininova.

2010-04-26 12:06:28:

NetLabel Coalition releases its first compilation album

NetLabel Coalition has released its first compilation album with tracks from ten member labels of the coalition. Musictrade is represented by Doc & Lena Selyanina's song Vienna Blue. The album is available for download at Internet Archive and at Mininova. With the debut compilation album NLC looks to spread knowledge about the group and what it's doing, as well as getting good music out there and promoting the labels who release it and the artists who create it. You can read more about NLC at The Creative UnCommons website.

2010-04-26 10:18:03:

New Musictrade compilation: Miscued Rat (MT024)

Miscued Rat is a fresh Musictrade serving of tasty experimental electronic music from an international lineup of artists: KraftiM from Netherlands, Frags and Cvijaxo from Sweden, Ristikiehtova from Finland, Unknown Forces from Scotland and Softspace from England. Cvijaxo and Ristikiehtova make their Musictrade debut on this compilation with full length albums soon to follow from both. You can download the mp3 version from here and the 24 bit FLAC audiophile edition as a torrent from here.

2010-01-19 02:52:06:

Musictrade joins Net Label Coalition

Following the initiative of Dylan 'YouSir' Orchard - the founder and the administrator of The Creative UnCommons website - Musictrade joins Net Label Coalition (NLC), a new communication hub and collaboration organization for netlabels utilizing Creative Commons licenses. Netlabels produce a substantial part of free music and many of them are run by passionate free music movement supporters. There has been little co-operation between them though. The new organization might bring a change to that, and the invitation for a fresh exchange of ideas is extended to all free music aficionados. "Anyone who has an interest in the present and future of free music is welcome to join in the debate and whilst founded upon the net label movement the NLC is intended to be representative of everyone who believes that art, be it visual, literary or musical, is meant to be shared as opposed to commodified and consumed", Dylan Orchard says.

2009-10-10 21:56:21:

Impressive animation from Scottish artist Martin Harvey

Animation student Martin Harvey from Glasgow School of Art has created and released a very impressive animation titled The Face of the Red Death. The storyline for the animation comes from Edgar Allan Poe, and Martin uses Doc & Lena Selyanina's song I used to talk to you all the time (even though I was alone) as a soundtrack for his work. The result is both technically and artistically top quality, don't miss it! Musictrade encourages visual artists to use our Creative Commons licensed music in their work, and we are happy to see this happening more and more. See also these other artistically interesting videos utilizing Musictrade music: Electronic Night by Rocco Helmchen, Last Day Before the War by Sundroid, No Doll Until Grandpa Dies by marquisdejolie, Dopo l'onda ancora noi... by Yvana Filippin, Marcha Terrae N187F by EPOPIA, A Poetic of Light by Brenda Clews and Pink and purple journey by RiverPearl.

2009-09-29 22:37:32:

Musictrade catalogue hosted at

Musictrade has uploaded its entire mp3 album catalogue onto the Geneva based mp3 hosting service Fairtilizer enjoys growing popularity, having already 450,000 unique monthly visitors and 35,000 registered members. Our experiences of their hosting and their customer service have been very positive so far. They have just featured Musictrade sampler on their front page which brought us plenty of new listeners. They have also published in their blog a special Musictrade interview, where Doc talks about the history of Musictrade and the role of free music in the ongoing net music revolution.

2009-09-06 09:33:57:

Musictrade at T61

Musictrade artists have established a strong presence at the popular social music site thesixtyone. KraftiM, Softspace, Doc, Lena Selyanina and Doc & Lena as a duo have all their own pages at T61. Lena has been received exceptionally warmly by the T61 community, resulting already in ten front page hits, with more likely to come.

2009-08-02 00:00:00:

Songs of Vastness

Doc & Lena Selyanina have released two longer ambient singles that both can be characterized as songs of vastness. Sphinx (mp3, 24 bit FLAC) is a dark, meditative ambient track with an aura of mystery, inspired by the Great Sphinx of Giza. Steppe (mp3, 24 bit FLAC) is a tender, organic and meditative ambient track inspired by the vast expanses of the steppes. Lena lived and worked a year in Kazakh Steppe as a young music teacher, so the environment is very familiar to her.

2009-06-02 00:00:00:

Starry Nights

Starry Nights is the sixth Musictrade album from the English synthesizer and electronica wizard Softspace whose visual and imaginative production style has attracted already a large international audience. The mp3 version can be downloaded from here, and the 24 bit audiophile version is available as a torrent from here.

2009-05-20 00:00:00:

Lena Selyanina's solo album is out

Lena Selyanina's debut solo album, Piano Paintings, has been released on Musictrade. The album is a gallery of stylish and intriguing piano paintings on diverse topics. The works are set on light ambient canvases, and they cover a range of styles from baroque to impressionism to modern.MP3 verison of the album can be downloaded from here, and a 24bit audiophile version is available as a torrent from here.

2009-03-23 22:43:04:

Vienna Blue - new album from Doc & Lena Selyanina

Doc and Lena Selyanina have just released their new album Vienna Blue, which is already seventh from them. Taking a break from their long line of ambient work, the new album builds on Lena's imaginative piano compositions and moves in the genres of avantgarde, neoclassical, jazz and blues. Doc's production brings also elements of electronic music into it. The album is available in mp3 format from here and as a 24bit audiophile version from here. See also Doc's journal entry about it.

2009-03-17 20:32:02:

Musictrade supports The Pirate Bay - new single and music video from Doc

The Fiinnish producer Doc has just released a new single titled Pirate Bay with a music video based on the single. The Pirate Bay has served Musictrade for years as an instant global distribution channel, helping us to distribute terabytes of our music. It also serves as a great equalizer in the field of cultural distribution, much like public libraries do. A 24bit/88.2kHz version of the single can be downloaded as a torrent e.g. from here, and a full resolution version of the video from here. We wish our Swedish friends good success in the trial process, which is likely to continue for years due to appeals into higher courts.


2008-10-25 10:14:19:

FraxurY: KraftiM's third album

FraxurY (MT020) is KraftiM's third full album release on Musictrade. The album builds on wave material provided by the Swedish Musictrade artist Frags, and its structural skeleton comes from the holy Dutch hexagram of Earth, Man, Fire, Water, Air and Beer. Musically Fraxury is a story of how the mentioned six elements influence our daily perception. As always, the Dutch sound architect moves on the fresh and exciting edges of experimental electronica. The album is also available as a 24-bit audiophile edition from Mininova.

2008-08-12 07:54:39:

Softspace ambient mix by Ambientcloud

Musictrade has just released a quality mix of Softspace's ambient tracks put together by Southern Californian DJ/producer Ambientcloud. A 320 kbps mp3 file containing over half an hour of rich and imaginative atmospheric music from Musictrade's English synth wizard is available as a torrent from Mininova.

2008-08-01 01:24:09:

Lena Selyanina debutes as a singer

Lena Selyanina has lately expanded her creative activities by composing plenty of ambient and neoclassical material for Doc & Lena Selyanina albums. Now she has also done an impressive debute as a singer with her modern choral remake of the beautiful Russian folk classic Oi Da Ne Vecher. The single release is available both as mp3 version and as a 24 bit audiophile version from Mininova. Lena has also opened her own MySpace page where the new single and as her new compositions from her can be heard.

2008-06-23 13:16:21:

100,000 Musictrade downloads on Mininova!

Torrent site Mininova's Content Distribution service has proved out to be a wonderful distribution channel for Musictrade. We started our Mininova distribution on 25th December last year, and a few days ago we had already distributed over 100,000 torrent packages through Mininova, many of which are large 24 bit audiophile editions of our singles and albums. The most popular single torrent has been the 24bit/88.2kHz version of Doc & Lena Selyanina's Bell Meditation single with almost 5,000 copies delivered. We thank Mininova for this excellent service and wish them success in their pioneer work on new distribution platforms.

2008-06-11 01:01:32:

New ambient compilation Dame Citrus

Musictrade has just released a new exciting ambient compilation Dame Citrus (MT019) with contributions from seven different artists, including two Musictrade debutants: Likantropika from Andorra and TheOmen from Holland. The other artists are Frags, Doc & Lena Selyanina, Unknown Forces, KraftiM and Softspace. Field recording material has been used in many of the tracks. A 24bit/44.1kHz FLAC audiophile edition is available as a torrent from Mininova.

2008-02-07 02:20:18:

Political pirate pop

Musictrade has released a new electronic pop single titled "Piece of Music" by the Finnish producer Doc. Featured on the track is Rick Falkvinge, the leader of the Swedish Pirate Party, talking on the escalating conflict between copyrights and civil rights. There are also sampled lines from the recently premiered movie Steal This Film II, including Pirate Bay's administrator Brokep's classic line: "Intellectual property is - what the fuck is that?". The single is available as mp3 version from here and as a CD quality FLAC version from here.

2008-01-30 06:14:01:

Cosmic meditation ambient from Doc & Lena Selyanina

Cosmic Lullabies (MT018) is the sixth album from the Finnish ambient producer Doc and the Russian pianist Lena Selyanina, cosmic and meditative in its style and spirit.The opening track Bell Meditation is a pure meditation song based on huge bell sounds that resonate and vibrate for extended periods of time. Gradually rising ethereal echoes from sacred eastern choral tradition mix with the bells to form a calm and majestic cosmic setting, perfect for deep relaxation and meditation. Neptune can be interpreted as a long, symbolic probe-like dive through the blue, dreamlike gas layers of Neptune to ever deeper and darker realms, all the way down to the solid rock and metal core of the planet, and from there back to the starlight. The final track Andromeda is an ambient voyage into the majestic sphere of our neighbour galaxy. 

2008-01-30 06:09:22:

Softspace enters the microsocosm of the brain

On his fifth album Synaptic Activity (MT015) the English experimental electronica wizard Softspace takes us to new exciting journeys into microcosms of bioelectric fields, pulsating neural synapses and other similarly strange environments. Numerous friends of experimental music around the world have already found his talent and imagination and know what to expect: fantastically rich layered synth sounds and sonic imageries, surprising turns and twists in the songs, beauty and peace within strangest chaos.

2008-01-15 12:42:32:

KraftiM's musical matrix

KraftiM, the Dutch experimental electronica artist and sound architect, has his second Musictrade album Jamatrix (MT016) out. The music is built on samples collected from five Jamendo artists in a special way where five tracks from five contributing artists each serve as raw material to six different KraftiM songs in a matrix-like fashion. A 24bit audiophile version of the album is available as a torrent.

2007-12-27 07:57:44:

Mininova to feature Musictrade albums

The world's most popular torrent site has granted Musictrade the status of a featured content provider. In practice this means that Mininova will seed our torrents with their own bandwidth, keeping them constantly available, and even more importantly, we will get front page visibility from a website that is more popular than and has millions of daily visitors. This special visibility had an immediate impact on our distribution, as we distributed over 5000 albums and singles through Mininova during the first 24 hours alone.

2007-12-27 07:50:56:

Bell meditation single from Doc and Lena

Doc & Lena Selyanina have released a beautiful 14-minute meditation track titled as Bell Meditation as a single. MP3 version of the single is available as torrent from here, and a 24bit/88.2kHz FLAC version from here.

2007-12-17 05:57:56:

Fantasy ambient from Doc & Lena Selyanina

Nangilima (MT015) is already the fifth artistic co-creation the Finnish ambient producer Doc and the Russian pianist Lena Selyanina. It is a musical journey into the magical world of childhood's joys, fears and fantasies, inspired by Dmitri Shostakovich's preludes for piano. The mood of the album is mostly relaxing and meditative, but there are passages of darkness and moments of heightened drama as well - like in life itself. 24bit/88.2kHz audiophile version of the album is available as a torrent.

2007-12-17 05:55:26:

Evening Shadows by Softspace

Evening Shadows (MT014) is the fourth Musictrade release from Softspace, the talented Gravesend-based electronica artist with a sense of aural beauty and a taste for the experimental. These are calm but richly layered works with a space-like quality and a touch of meditation. So if you are looking for a relaxing, visually inspiring musical journey into the inner/outer space, this music is yours to enjoy.  24bit/44.1kHz audiophile version of the album is available as a torrent.

2007-11-10 03:55:43:

KraftiM's first Musictrade album release

Dutch electronica artist and sound architect KraftiM has released first Musictrade album etSitara (MT013). Modern western electronic sounds meet the serenity eastern instrumentalism on this album - think of a raga in a spaceship. From his first released tracks KraftiM has had a unique sound and a unique emotional atmosphere to his works, and this album is no exception. KraftiM is a musical travel agency specialized in surprise destinations. A 24bit/44.1kHz audiophile version of the album is available as a torrent.

2007-11-09 03:54:56: Field recordings from Musictrade
With Electroteque's new compilation "Fossil Fueled Transportation" (MTFR001) Musictrade begins to release themed field recording collections for artistic and other use. Field recordings, just like our music, will be released under Creative Commons Attribution licenses, so you are free to use them both commercially and non-commercially - for free.

2007-04-19 04:54:20: New album from Softspace
Softspace has his third album Room With A View (MT012) out. Check out these imaginative and intriquing experimental soundworlds! A 24bit/88.2kHz audiophile version is available from here.

2007-04-19 04:53:36: New album from Softspace
Softspace has his third album Room With A View (MT012) out. Check out these imaginative and intriquing experimental soundworlds! A 24bit/88.2kHz audiophile version is available from here.

2007-01-15 03:52:35: New album from Doc & Lena Selyanina
The fourth album from Doc and Lena is out. Echoes from an Engulfed Cathedral [mt011] contains three long Debussy-inspired ambient tracks. Mp3 version is here, and the 24bit/88.2kHz FLAC audiophile version is here.

2007-01-07 03:50:39: New ambient compilation
Musictrade starts year 2007 with an experimental ambient compilation Ice Mustard featuring a full house of Musictrade artists. The album is available in mp3 format from here, and a 24bit/88.2kHz FLAC version of it is available from here.

2006-05-20 04:49:44: MT009 now also available in 24 bit quality
Due to the active reception of the 24 bit audiophile edition of MT008, Musictrade has released a similar 24 bit edition of Softspace's experimental electronica album Mahler's Cat on BitTorrent. The the torrent is available here.

2006-05-18 04:48:32: 24 bit audiophile edition of MT008 available
To chart general interest in 24 bit audiophile formats we have released the 24bit/44.1kHz masters of Doc & Lena Selyanina's Ravel-inspired neoclassical ambient album "Noble, Sentimental & Ambient Waltzes" [MT008] on BitTorrent. The torrent is available here.

2006-04-26 04:46:50: Musictrade on LastFM
All Musictrade releases are now freely available for streaming and downloading at We have also some genre-specific playlists and an interesting (and surprising!) group radio there.

2006-04-17 04:45:47: Softspace's second
Softspace has released his second album, Mahler's Cat [MT009] on Musictrade, following his well-received debut Experiments at the Edge of Time [MT007]. This boldly experimental album will have a ready audience out there, as Softspace has already gained steady popularity at various mp3 music sites like Audiri and

2006-03-25 03:44:43: Two new releases
The two first 2006 Musictrade releases came out only a couple of days apart. Softspace released his first full album "Experiments at the Edge of Time" [MT007] on March 19, followed by Doc & Lena Selyanina releasing already their third ambient/neoclassical co-creation "Noble, Sentimental & Ambient Waltzes" [MT008] on March 21.

2006-02-05 03:43:43: New website design
The new Musictrade website has gone live. Thanks to Unknown for the design, Frags for supplying the background photo, Doc for quality control and Electroteque for the coding and build. Release items uses Ajax technology so requires newer browsers.

2005-11-24 03:41:42: Ambient Debussy, New Orleans tribute
After a couple of outwardly quiet months Musictrade is coming out with two interesting new releases. Doc & Lena Selyanina have released their second neoclassical ambient album, Debussy-inspired 'Island of Joy (In a Sea of Electronic Dreams)' [MT004]. The other fresh release is 'Requiems for a Submerged City' [MT005], a New Orleans tribute compilation featuring Doc, KraftiM and Softspace.

2005-10-03 04:40:23: Musictrade on Internet Archive
All our releases are now also available from Internet Archive website both for downloading and for high quality mp3 streaming. Our collection page on Internet Archive is here.

2005-08-30 04:38:03: Norberg 2005 Field Mixes
Just a month after Norberg 2005 electronic music festival Musictrade releases Norberg 2005 Field Mixes album based on field recording material captured during and around the festival. The album contains contributions from five Musictrade artists.

2005-07-12 04:32:20: Musictrade showcase in Norberg
Musictrade artists Doc, Unknown Forces and Electroteque will present a 3 hour showcase at Norbergfestival, a three day electronic music festival taking place 28-30.7.2005 in Norberg, Sweden.

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